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     When I accessed the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website, I was not expecting to see what I experienced.  However, the site is very resourceful and the mission statement involves so many entitities plus all students are included in their framework.

     Although I teach life skills it was very refreshing to see them “weaving 21st century interdisciplinary themes into core subjects” i.e. financial and economic.

     Unfortunately, I agree with everything about the site and could not find anything to contradict.  More so, the implications are overwhelming for both students and me as a contemporary educator because this website embraces everyone needs in this everchanging world.

7 thoughts on “Partnership for 21st Century Skills Website

  1. I think a life skills teacher can be a huge influence on students learning 21st century skills. These skills are considered things that all students should understand before they leave high school. You could easily incorporate many of the skills into your curriculum by changing the way your students collaborate or how you assess them.

  2. How do you see these skills, especially technology, interweaving with what you currently do? If one of the leaders from 21C came to observe your classroom, what ideas might they share?

    Cheri Reinke

  3. I thought I already posted a comment. Did you approve it or was I just thinking I responded?? 🙂 Cheri Reinke

  4. Since I am now seeing my comment above I will repost what I thought I posted earlier in the week. 🙂

    Did you find anything concrete on the Partnership for 21st Century Skills that you could incorporate into your classroom right now? With the skills that you are teaching your students, what things would you change if you could to meet this grass-roots movements objectives?

    Cheri Reinke

  5. Hi!
    What grade level you do you teach Life Skills? Do you teach the skills listed in the Framework for the 21st Century Skills and did you find it aligned with your standards for your state?

  6. I teach high school students (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders) who are at-risk from low-income families. With regards to finances, I teach my students such skills as to how to write a check and how to balance a check book.

  7. My students have to be critical thinkers. In order for them to be successful in the 21st Century, I must teach my students to ask questions. If a leader were observing my class, he or she would be overwhelmed with my ability to get my students to search deeply within their minds for answers.

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